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In early 1960 Robert Ryder (owner) and Bob Ahmann (engineer) began investigation into the workings of pagers in the garage.

In the process of learning a new technology, the locating of a protected/licensed frequency became desirable. In 1965 Radio Paging received from the FCC the first issued in the Northwest United States. The earlier pagers had to be paged through an over dial dispatch system by live operators. On a 24 hr/7 day basis.

This helped to establish the first answering services in the valley.

One of the first services was manned by the same individual 24/7 where he lived.

As new proven technologies became available RPS continued to expand. The pagers could now be dialed directly, instead of having to be dispatched. The operator’s skills and usefulness was now apparent to many small businesses.

With the advancement of the pager base came more opportunities in the communication field. There was now not only voice pagers but the more discreet digital units. This allowed more time for enhanced operator services. Now the telephony systems were also growing and expanding .

The next newest pager had the ability to have text sent. This expanded even further message relaying. You didn’t have to call your service to clarify the nature of the calls being relayed by numbers only.

The nation now discovered the potential of these services. New companies began entering this new technology. The mobile phones have been available, but was changing, evolving to include everyone for cell contacts. Many thought paging would no longer be needed and all message could come directly to a phone you could answer anywhere. Paging was open to nationwide coverage. The public didn’t always know that it was restricted to only high population area’s, or was being purchased actually form the local license holders.

Now people began to appreciate the necessity of having someone screen the calls and relay messages by the pager for all incoming calls, dispatched by the answering service (call center).

Technology now has voice loggers that record all parts of any transaction that is achievable and privacy protected. The clients can access information via the internet .

Record keeping is available by any means imagined by the clients.

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